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Ready to Play MIDIbox SID 2

2017-11-29 08:55  
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Have you ever try to combine four different types of engines to become a fun to play MIDIbox SID 2?

Well, MIDIbox SID is a non-commercial and “DIY” product, means you can only get it by doing it yourself.

Those four synthesizer engines are Lead Engine, Bassline Engine, Drum Engine and Multi Engine.

Lead Engine features:

24bit resolution accomplish with 8 modulation pathes

Two DADDSRR envelopes intelligent sources

Six LFOs sources with various types of waveforms

Six completely independent Arpeggiators with different direction modes

Bassline Engine features:

Full parameter set which been optimized for 303ish sound

Control/support direct MIDI

Controllable eight sequences from MIDI keyboard

Drum Engine features:

Parameter set which been optimized for C64ish drum sounds

Dynamic sixteen drum instruments

Twenty different drum models with add on features.

Multi Engine features:

Two SID chips which supply polyphonic playing

Different MIDI channels that can be assigned with six instruments

Two completely dedicated LFOs with one envelope for each voice

Six synchronize wavetable sequencers.

Go and make a MIDIbox SID and soar to the sea of musical today! [Read on]

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