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Resonance generators by 4011 CMOS Gate

2018-01-24 20:07  
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This Resonance generators (oscillating sound generator) circuit, designed using CMOS integrated circuit number 4011(CMOS Quad 2-Input NAND Gate). Contains within 4 nand gate. To each oscillator circuit has a 2 circuit.This circuit provides a higher frequency, IC1c and includes IC1d. Another one, the frequency range below and include IC1a IC1b.
The low frequency pulse is sent to control the work of another. Diode D1 will IC1c and IC1d a pulse out at low frequencies.The diode D2 will cause the oscillating sound. S1 open voting is oscillating slowly lowered slowly.The discharge of capacitor C1 value of the equipment does not need to be very accurate. SP1 except that it must be a transducer crystal.

Resonance generators by 4011 CMOS Gate

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