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Reverse RIAA equalization circuit

2017-08-03 22:07  
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This article describes a reverse RIAA equalization  circuit . Schematics can combine text look better grasp of this principle. This principle is better grasp. 


Figure 2

Figure 2 – Frequency Response

In the upper plot the frequency response of the ideal and the real circuit is shown, in the lower one the difference between both.My personal aim was to build the whole circuit stereo into one DIN connector. This is why I chose a circuit with all elements (except R3) tied together at one centre point. So I could build the element building block shown in the photo from 0805-SMD-components. Two of these fit easily into one DIN connector together with twice R3 (see photo), but a single circuit surely would fit into a cinch plug as well.

Figure 3

Figure 3 – Photo of SMD Version (IC for Size Comparison Only)

Figure 4

Figure 4 – Complete Stereo Version in DIN Connector

Figure 5

Figure 5 – Reverse RIAA and P06 Phono Preamp

Figure 5 shows the combined response with Uwe’s reverse RIAA equaliser and my (favourite) phono preamp – Project 06.? The slight boost in bass and negligible boost in treble is seen easily – these account (in part) for the very favourable comments about this phono preamp, and also show how accurate it is.? The inaccuracy is shown to be better than 1dB at most frequencies, but with a very slight improvement in lower bass.? The inaccuracies indicated here are very minor, and are especially so when compared to the wide variations in the mix quality of typical vinyl recordings (actually,? recording, regardless of medium).?


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