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Robosapien internals

2017-11-30 23:06  
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After looking at the Robosapien, I was meddling to see how distort Tilden’s involvement in the mission “shape originate of the robot”-especially one so closely deprived on batteries!
Casually looking at the Robosapien gives you very little idea regarding just how well the robot is designed. The robot is surprisingly well engineered and manufactured; still this means many parts of the robot are genuinely hard to take severed excluding breach it. To this day I cannot get into the arm or lower-body areas, seeing there are some very stiffly positioned screws that will demand a specialized (bendy) screwdriver.
Nonetheless, I could open up the primary chest area, allowing access the grope “brain” and sensor/motor connectors, as well as the foremost arm motors. Furthermore, I managed to unlock one of the leg cavities, revealing the feet sensors and leg display.


The core circuitry is all herein, along using a immense array of connectors. The complete path append resolve is immense and well-marked. I affect the IC patent U3 is the interior core of the robot. The connector to the bottom-right connects to the right alter and lecturer at the rear of the robot.


You can see herein how the motor is atone downright onto the body (right), and how the arm and the gears it is attached to facilitate the beckon (left).


Receipt the rear antenna acme is toning to the front.

The Robosapien is very well made, and cover Tilden’s right is evident through the sheer dexterity of many of the robots skin. It is degrade so greatly of this is astray when live using Robosapien merely as a toy.

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