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Robot-insects ? Are You Support or Against It?

2017-11-29 12:04  
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We’ve saw in the sci-fic drama series, where there’s the possibility that in one day in the future, police use a swarm of robot-moths to scour out the drug stash, or rescuing the earthquake victims by using robot-bees!Robot-insect

It might sound non-sense to some of you here, but the Japanese scientists had discovered the methods to rebuild the brains of insects and program them for some specific tasks.

Ryohei Kanzaki, a professor at Tokyo University Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology, said that he has studied insect brains for over three decades. Honestly, he’s one of the pioneer in the field of robot-insects hybrid!

During an interview, he mentioned one of his biggest goals in his life is to understand human brains and restore connections damaged by diseases or accidents. Well, all this can be done, by approaching himself at insects “micro-brains”.

He pointed out that the human brain has over 100 billion neurons, which is transmitting signals and prompt the body to react to stimuli. Insects, however, have about 100,000 inside the two-millimeter-wide brain of a silk moth!

According to Mr. Kanzaki, the insects’ tiny brains are able to control complex aerobatics, and it can be an excellent robot-insect! He said it’s possible to rebuild the robot-insects and use them in various tasks in the near future!

Meanwhile, some of the insects’ lovers are totally against this act, as they think it’s a selfish and cruel experiment.

So, whether you’re the one who support or against the robot-insects, it’s all up to you here…[botjunkie]

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