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Robotic Ferret ? The Sophisticated Drugs and Weapons Detecto

2017-11-23 00:32  
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In nowadays, the Department of Narcotics Control normally using the American Pit bull terriers to detect the drugs and weapons. Well, there is nothing wrong to use the dog as the drugs/weapons detector, but at first, you have to make sure that the dog is well-trained since it’s still a little puppy!

The University of Sheffield has cooperated with the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to invent the new type of robotic ferret, which is capable to detect drugs, weapons, explosives and any illegal immigrants that being concealed in cargo containers instantly!


The robotic ferret is a very sophisticated robot, where is fully-equipped with a suite of sensors that few times more comprehensive and sensitive than any currently employed in conventional cargo scanners.

Thanks to the advent technology in laser and fibre optic, it’s possible for the robotic ferret to detect tiny particles of different substances.

The robotic ferret is a fascinating robot, and it will attach itself magnetically on the top of the steel freight container, once it placed inside it. In addition, it will scouring and seeks out any suspicious items, and then sending the streaming data back to its controller within seconds!

This robotic ferret is currently undergoing the final testing phase, it will be launched into the market and available in few years from now…[sciencedaily]

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