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Rs232 type line receiver drive CMOS logic circuit

2017-08-15 15:16  
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A line receiver circuit having an input hysteresis charac­ teristic which is compensated for both temperature changes and variations in supply voltage includes a receiver circuit por­ tion, a bandgap circuit portion, a first voltage divider network, a second voltage divider network, and a feedback switching transistor.This  RS-232 type line receiver to driveCMOS logic uses a Schmitt-trigger feedback network to ~give about 1-V input hysteresis for added noise immunity. A possible problem in an interface which connects two pieces of equipment, each plugged into a different ac receptacle, is that the power line voltage might appear at the receiver input when the interface connection is made or broken.The two diodes and a 3-W input resistor will protect the inputs under these conditions.The receiver circuit portion is responsive to an input logic signal for generating an output signal. The bandgap cir­ cuit portion generates a constant reference voltage.