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SFH250 Receiver photodiode Circuit

2017-08-15 21:51  
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MIDI is a technical standard that describes a protocol, digital interface and connectors and allows a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another.A single MIDI link can carry up to sixteen channels of information, each of which can be routed to a separate device.Receiver photodiodeSFH250  is used to convert optical data pulses at 32.5 Kb to electrical signals. Buffer T2 feeds the signals to cascade amplifier T3-T4, then to op ampIC4 , and buffers IC5-f and IC5-e.IC6 supplies 9 V for the circuit.The fiber optic musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) is a converter that transforms electrical MIDI signals from an electronic musical instrument (or electronic musical device) into light signals. These light signals travel down a fiber optic cable to another fiber optic MIDI link where they are converted back into their original electrical form and output to another electronic musical instrument.

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (Midi) Receiver Circuit