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SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulator

2017-08-21 14:30  
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The SG2524 contains two identical npn transistors, the collectors and emitters of which are uncommitted. Each transistor has antisaturation circuitry that limits the current through that transistor to a maximum of 100 mA for fast response.


There are a wide variety of output configurations possible when considering the application of the SG2524 as a voltage-regulator control circuit. They can be segregated into three basic categories:

_ Capacitor-diode-coupled voltage multipliers

_ Inductor-capacitor-implemented single-ended circuits

_ Transformer-coupled circuits

Figure 1. Capacitor-Diode Output Circuit


Figure2. Flyback Converter Circuit




Figure 3. Single-Ended LC Circuit


Figure 4. Push-Pull Transformer-Coupled Circuit