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SN74LS164 8-BIT Parllel-Out Serial Shift Registers

2017-09-10 09:48  
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The SN74LS164 is a high speed 8-Bit Serial-In Parallel-Out Shift Register. Serial data is entered through a 2-Input AND gate synchronous with the LOW to HIGH transition of the clock. The device features an asynchronous Master Reset which clears the register setting all outputs LOW independent of the clock. It utilizes the Schottky diode clamped process to achieve high speeds and is fully compatible with all ON Semiconductor TTL products.




SN74LS164 Pinouts








The LS164 is an edge-triggered 8-bit shift register with serial data entry and an output from each of the eight stages. Data is entered serially through one of two inputs (A or B); either of these inputs can be used as an active HIGH Enable for data entry through the other input. An unused input must be tied HIGH, or both inputs connected together.

Each LOW-to-HIGH transition on the Clock (CP) input shifts data one place to the right and enters into Q0 the logical AND of the two data inputs (A?B) that existed before the rising clock edge. A LOW level on the Master Reset (MR) input overrides all other inputs and clears the register asynchronously, forcing all Q outputs LOW.