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SSB Signal Generation and Transmition

2017-08-16 21:34  
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In a Single-Sideband Transmitter (SST ), only one of thesidebands, the upper or the lower, is transmitted while the remaining sideband and the carrier aresuppressed.Suppression is the elimination of the undesired portions of the signal.These two circuits are SSB  generators. One uses a crystal filter by KVG Electronics at 9 MHz, the other uses a 455-kHz mechanical filter. By feeding the outputs into a mixer, the frequency of the SSB generator can be converted to other frequencies. Keep signal levels low enough so that distortion does not occur.The ssb generator (modulator) combines its audio input and its carrier input to produce the twosidebands.The two sidebands are then fed to a filter that selects the desired sideband and suppresses theother one. By eliminating the carrier and one of the sidebands, intelligence is transmitted at a savings inpower and frequency bandwidth.

Ssb Generators 



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