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2017-08-17 15:41  
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The LM101A provides gain and buffers the input from storage capacitor C2. R2 adds a zero in the open loop response to compensate for the pole caused by the switch resistance and C2, improving the closed-loop stability. R1 provides a slight delay in the digital drive to pins 1 and 9. C1 provides cancellation of coupled charge, keeping the sample-and-hold offset below 5 mV over the analog signal range of -10 through 10 V.

Aperture time is typically 1 p.s, the switcl>.ing time of the DG441. Acquisition time is 25 p.s, but this can be improved by using a faster slewing op amp. Droop rate is typically less than 5 mV/s at 25?°C.

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