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Sample routine of working with LPT1 port under windows XP in

2017-12-22 21:35  
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This is simple routine of sending and reading of byte from LPT1 port under Windows XP.

LPT port has four types of pins:

8 output pins accessed via the DATA Port5 input pins (one inverted) accessed via the STATUS Port4 output pins (three inverted) accessed via the CONTROL PortThe remaining 8 pins are groundedLPT_pinout

Now we are interested in Data pins.

Set up driver according to post: Acces LPT and COM ports easily under windows NT-2000-XP. I have written and compiled example under DEV-CPP tool-set, which you can download from http://www.bloodshed.net/.

Start New console project


Create new cpp file and save it to project directory. Also copyporttalk_IOCTL.handpt_ioctl.cfiles to project directory. These files you will find in the package portalk22.zip.

Test program:


Compile this program and run it. You should see results like this:


Now it is time to connect your microcontroller and start experimenting. Good luck.

Test routine project files for DEV-CPP are here:LPT1 Sample Project

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