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Sawtooth Generator Circuit with 741 IC

2018-02-28 20:47  
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This sawtooth generator circuit use 741 IC and is used as a musical sound synthesizer. The sawtooth input signal is continously changed through P2 to a waveform with a doubled frequency and half amplitude. IC1 functions as a comparator and forms the sawtooth to a squarewave signal. IC2 serves as a adder.

The input signal and the converted signal are mixed to create the output signal. An additional LFO pulsewidth modulated the squarewave to give the output sound the desired effect. When switch S1 is switched to position B, the squarewave can be mixed with a freq. which is independent from the sawtooth.
The current consumption is around 10 mA.

Sawtooth Generator Circuit Diagram

sawtooth generator diagram

741 datasheet
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