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Show sawtooth generator

2017-08-16 14:07  
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This article is a sawtooth generator show. The principle is simple but effective. For your grasp this principle more effectively, please read this text combines schematic. Figure: a sawtooth generator can use a simple 555 timer IC and transistors. The circuit part of the circuit consisting of capacitor C, a transistor, a Zener diode and a resistor to form a constant current source to charge the capacitor. Initially assumed capacitor is fully discharged. This voltage is zero, so the internal comparator 555 is connected to pin 2 's output lead 555 to go high and the internal transistor 555 shorting the capacitor C ground opens and the capacitor starts charging supply voltage. Because it costs, when its voltage higher than the supply voltage increases 2/3rd 555 's, the output will be low, and shorts C to the ground, so digest it. 555 's output is high again when the voltage is lower than one-third of deaths decreased supply. C Therefore, the capacitor charge and discharge between 2/3rd thirds of supply. 1 n4001  diode makes the voltage across the capacitor to ground (almost). If you are reading this first principle, the proposed Duokanjibian, grasp this principle.

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