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Single Chip Microprocessor With Atmel AT89C2051

2017-08-23 19:52  
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Atmel AT89C2051 Single Chip Microprocessor 300x206 Single Chip Microprocessor With Atmel AT89C2051

Description: This circuit is a actual simple appliance of a distinct dent chip. The array ability accumulation is affiliated on terminals T1 &T2. While the ambit diagram specifies 3v/4.5v battery, the allotment ULN2803 needs 4.5v-5v array to get able operation. Component: Capacitor, Diode, Resistor, Transistor, IC.[skemarangkaian.com]

Tags: Capacitor, circuit diagram, control circuit, control diagram, control schematic, Diode, electronic circuit, electronic control, IC, Resistor, schematic diagram, Transistor

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