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Solar Cell NiCad Charger

2017-11-30 10:38  
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1N5817  Parts ListR1 = 820K, 1%R2 = 75K, 1%R3 = 75K, 1%R4 = 1M, 5%D1 = 1N5817, Schottky diode, or equivalentD2 = 1N5817, Schottky diode, or equivalent)L1 = 100μH, coilU1 = MAX639, integrated circuitC1 = 100μF/40V, Electrolytic capacitorC2 = 50μF/16V, Electrolytic capacitorAdditional NotesThe MAX639 has its own current limitter build in, set for 200mA. Plenty! Make sure that the charging NiCads can handelthe contineous current of 200mA, for example, NiCad battery packs of 1700+ mA used for R/C (Radio Control) cars andelectric aircraft.The 1N5817 axial leaded Schottky rectifier has been optimized for very low forward voltage drop, with moderate leakage. Typical applications are in switching power supplies, converters, freewheeling diodes, and reverse battery protection.