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Solar transport

2017-11-26 10:37  
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Do you know anything about ozone layer depletion? If yes, have you taken any step towards it? Many have started using environmental friendly things. One such thing is solar transport. “You isn’t seen anything yet” goes the great saying. We have to face more in life. But we know our world is turning out its hand at us for everything.? What about our younger generation then? How will they ever survive here? Nowadays traveling has become an integral part of our life. Every single person is using their own vehicles to go around. If everyone is using their own vehicle, where will we go for oil? The rate of oil is increasing like anything. Now scientists are working out on electric vehicles which will be able to run without the help of oil. This helps in conserving some oil for the future. We are going to run out of oil.



The life of oil is lesser than ours. It is very heartening to know that we should get used to walk or must get used to some other alternative. Where do we get oil from? We get oil from the fossils, coal and some other source. Almost, nearly 27 percent of the oil is used exclusively for traveling alone. That sounds bit odd though. We have to get used to life without oil in vehicles. So, the ultimate solution is we should find some other way. It’s got to be us and nobody will do it for us. The discovery of electric vehicles has been of great use. The thing is, now we should find a way to continuously provide electrical power. We must get used to live a life with various energies available. Everyone wants to have maximum profit with very less capital as input.


Ken Livingston has urged the need for electric vehicles. “One day man will be destroying everything or else will be saving everything”. This was predicted by Jules Verne. We don’t use the fossil energy resource in a balanced way. The USA Toyota introduced the PHEV (pirus hybrid electrical vehicle). The function of this PHEV is to combine the petrol locomotive with the electric locomotive which stores power in the batteries. The idea of combining the electric engine and the PHEV was a great success. All other major companies started following this. The works of many amateur people led to the discovery of the additional hybrid batteries which where also very big. The PHEV was then built-in in the Toyota vehicle. The combined effect of the long distance PHEV and the best batteries gives room for night charging. The use of PHEV is to charge through solar energy, which allows it to run for nearly 12 to 20 mpd, that too free power. These types of batteries are of great significance. The old lead acid batteries gave clue for the invention of these batteries. These batteries must be carbon dioxide free, in order to give good profit. These types of inventions can help the future generation enjoy like us.

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