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Sony's new technology-Qrio

2017-11-27 13:17  
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Qrio was a little bigger than I’d imagined, and had a little golf trifle close to his left hand. Qrio would look around announcing what he was burden through the sermon synthesis software. Once Qrio had patterned the sphere, he looked for the hollow – I’m arrogant all this recognition was done through the cheerful colors that both the sphere and hollow were painted in. Next, Qrio walked around to the section of the sphere to take his booster. Qrio’s passage is very fluid, short any of the erratic passage characteristic of the AIBO makes. Qrio then crooked 90 degrees and stirred the push into section. After salient the sphere, Qrio tracked the sphere as it stirred near the hollow and then commented on his booster (which wasn’t all that good!).

Another examine had another Qrio pathetic between colored circles:


You can rather see how Qrio tracks those circles, seeing he is able of looking near directly down when stood ahead his steer.

Another exposition was a Qrio on stationary exhibit for picture purposes. Before any picture was full, Qrio would wield at the camera making for perfectly a witty picture. I’ll shop my image with Qrio for looming archival purposes!


The ERS-7 was also on static exhibit, but curiously had nowhere near the capacity of exposure Qrio did. There was solely one ERS-7 award on the exhibition and it was demonstrated inside a very small district. Nevertheless, I got to see how it interacts, and I must admit that the ERS-7 seems to answer to the surroundings and people a lot better than earlier models have done.


The closing show was on the Qrio phase that showed four Qrio’s in a highly-orchestrated but immensely humorous show of dancing and chatting. The dancing showed off the majestic and flexibility of the actuators; the form and trot at which Qrio can move his limbs has to be seen to be appreciated.


The dialogue synthesis was also nicely demonstrated. Before the actual show happening there was a pre-show record that played that showed the four robots singing together. The voices are hard to explain; while sounding distinctly bogus, they are cushy to understand and can articulate Japanese lexis just beautiful. I’ll be interested to see how this ruse of dialogue synthesis machinery for English. Nevertheless, apiece robot was given its own accent and apiece robot managed to propose its own personality entirely well. Again, the show was possibly completely orchestrated but it was a doubt to think.

Sony is definitely on to a winner using Qrio – but at an estimated appeal of a luxury car apiece, don’t demand to be putting on your own Qrio show any time soon

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