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Static Detector Negative Ion Detector

2018-01-19 06:40  
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This circuit is a circuit diagram of the detector is sensitive to static electricity is based on a Field Effect Transistors can also be used to detect the presence of negative ions, or testing of a negative ion generator. Circuit diagram using the extra high input impedance of a 2N3819 FET, and also showed sensitivity to the gate terminal voltage changes. Gate terminal here is left open circuit, just connect to “probe”. The probe only a few inches of bare copper wire. This causes a change in circuit current flow and the meter will show charge or “field strength”. As static electricity can have a positive or negative charge, the meter used should be the center of type zero. Full-scale deflection or 250uA to 1mA greater sensitivity. Remove meters and use multimeter to measure voltage between the FET drain and the preset resistor. Adjusting preset to 0 volts and then replace the meter. This will avoid the “bent” needle. The following is a schematic drawing:

Detector Negative Ion Detector1 Static Detector Negative Ion Detector

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