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Storm Detector circuit

2018-02-25 07:41  
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This storm detector circuit is very easy to build. It has a sensitive amplifier and one antenna, that togheter can detect storms at large distance. The antenna has 220 turns of enamelled copper on a square wooden frame with a side of 85 cm. The wire diameter is not so important, 0.4 mm is enough.In parallel with the end windings a capacitor is connected in order to obtain a tuned antenna on a frequency between 4 to 5 kHz. The antenna is connected through 2 twisted wires to the amplifier. The output signal can be applied to an audio amplifier or an oscilloscope in order to hear or see the signal.

Storm Detector Circuit Diagram

Storm Detector Components List
R1 = 100KΩ
R2 = 100KΩ
R3 = 1.8KΩ
R4 = 600Ω
C1 = 10nF
C2 = 10µF/25V
C3 = 100µF/6.3V
T1 = T2 = BC547, 548, 549

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