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Subwoofer Equalizer

2018-01-15 06:02  
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p71 f4 Subwoofer Equalizer

Subwoofer Equalizer…[more]

: The Linkwitz transform circuit is a hugely flexible way to equalize the bottom end of a sealed loudspeaker enclosure. A speaker that is corrected using this method is flat from below resonance to the upper limit of the selected driver. The low frequency roll off point is determined by the parameters of the transform circuit. Should the enclosure size be too small and cause a lump in the response before roll off, this is also corrected. A conventional active crossover netw1ork is then used to divide the subwoofer signal from the main channel signals. Note that there is also a separate spreadsheet calculator available for calculating component values for different situations not handled by the original circuit.

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