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Surface Mount Soldering 101 Workshop at Atlanta Mini Maker F

2017-08-21 08:08  
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Scott Driscoll will be running a Surface Mount Soldering 101 workshop at the upcoming Atlanta Mini Maker Faire on October 6th.

We'll cover some basic techniques for soldering surface mount chips withREGULAR IRONS!

Things you'll learn

Flux makes SMT easyFlood and wick methodHow to fix bridgesAll using regular shaped irons--no special micro tips required!You'll be practicing on a small pcb with 1 SOIC and 4 1206 caps (the biggest and easiest SMT parts)The following advanced techniques will also be demoedSolder paste, inexpensive stencils and toaster ovensDrag soldering for fine pitch and lots of pinsRemoving SMT chips with hot air and ChipQuikThe cost will be $5 if you'd like parts to solder on, or free if you just want to watch and learn. Please register here (or below) so we can bring enough supplies and schedule multiple sessions if needed.

Also at the Maker Faire:Freeside (Atlanta's hackerspace) will also be doing a (free!) workshop to make a full fledged robot, and part of it will involve learning through-hole soldering.

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