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Swimming Robot is ready to Conquest the Oceans!

2017-12-01 11:23  
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In many decades ago, over thousands of marine and robotic scientists have been cooperated to develop the swimming robots. Now, after over thousand times of experiments, a group of researchers from University of Bath has finally designed a new type of swimming robot.

The swimming robot is called, “Gymnobot” and its created by researchers from the Ocean Technologies Lab in the University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Keri Collins and Ryan Ladd, the two postgraduate researchers who developed Gymnobot, described that it’s totally a new breakthrough in submersible technology.


They mentioned that unlike the traditional swimming robots, the latest “Gymnobot” is fully powered by a fin that runs the length of the underside of its rigid body. By using this concept, it continuously undulates to make a wave in the water and hence, propels the swimming robot to move forward!

Both of them agreed that the Gymnobot is more energy efficient than conventional propellers. Furthermore, it allows the swimming robot to navigate and move freely, even though at shallow water near the seashore.

According to the brilliant duo, the Gymnobot is going to be used to film and study the diverse marine life near the seashore in the near future! [sciencedaily]

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