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TA2020 vs TA2021B vs TA2024

2017-11-23 02:27  
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Digitalamplifierusingthree types ofICTRIPATHat handissocomplete,I'd like tocompare.UseACadapter(SA-S3 +isconnected by2.1Φ → 2.5Φadapter)12V5AofAkizukiin common .CDplayerbreaksLME49860NA VerDENON C-705X.YAMAHA NS-100speaker.CDviewingIpick the onethat hassharpamong love.

CD & Music

· Cupid & Psyche85 / SCRITTI POLITTI
· GAME / Perfume
·Symphony/WalterColumbia"giant"MahlerSymphonyNo. 1

CD Player

S.M.S.L SA-S3 + (TA2021B)
It isthusfor the first timeto compare,I was surprised at thetalentthatagain.
Clean,clear,crispbasstotreble~.There isa beautifulsoundclarityof each instrumentwell balanced.Itis feelingこれぞDejian.Wellsharpsoundisnaturalfinish.I justworrya littleflashytreble, it would not bea problem.Feelof thestringssoundedwonderfullyPerhaps because of that.There is nosoundwhenPOP/ OFFpowerONwhenthere is arelay circuit.
SA-S3 +, butseems to bealmost noblogwithoutrisetotalkover the internettoo,are introduced,seems to beagingfromthe previous model, themargincompared toTA2020alsothe sound outputisvery goodbecause,I thinkChineseamplifierthat can berecommended.

CD Player

◎ NFJ TA2024kit(retrofitpowersmoothing capacitor)
Beslightlyweakbass.Feelinga littlesofteraswrapped inveil.Minuteswithouttiringhearthe bassa littlesoft,it may bebetterjusttoitsapplicationsBGM.Growthmedium totrebleWhatalmost the samekitTA2020.Clarityof the soundseems to beslightly inferiorto theSA-S3 +andTA2020kit.Reverberationof the soundhas come out witha good feeling.POPsoundleavesa littlelarge,even when thepower is turned ONOFF.
I thinkthatthe characteristics of theTA2024kitis out,room forimprovementremodelingitis likelymanyyet.

CD Player

◎ NFJ TA2020kit(withoutmodification)
Have comefar enough totreble-bass.I thinkthere is asense of transparencyto the soundof each instrumentwell balanced,andhas representedglitzstraightwithoutasource.Veryeasy to hearthere is nohabitminutes.Ijustwanta little morebasswherespeakinggreed.POPsoundcomes outa littlewhen the power is turned ON.
I thinkthere is nomuchdissatisfactionin combinationwithstandard parts.Thisisonlybecauseof thesoundisoutofstandardpartswithoutanymodification,thePrincesswouldhaveconsiderablepotential.If youarelooking to purchaseakitofNFJ, it is recommendedto beput togetherin thefirststandardparts.(Thereis aplanofremodelingspreeI havealreadysecuredanother one.)

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