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TA2024 Finished Board - Part 2

2017-11-29 03:35  
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Should bemodified, of course,I hadto remove thepartsquickly.
TA2024 Finished Board

Remodelingmenuas usual,
External+5 Vsupplyusing7805
· To63V2.2μF × 2 → WIMA MKS2exchangecouplingcapacitor
To10μH × 4new-typereplacementinductor→ NFJ
• MoveUP → VISHAY 16v10000uF × 1powersmoothing capacitorcapacity
· → WIMA MKS2capacitor&resistorreplacementpartLPF 63V0.47μF × 6,0.1 μF × 2, DALE 10Ω × 2
Iwasa modifiedmixthingswere conducted inNFJ TA2024Lepai LP-2020A +andpreviouskit.

TA2024 Finished Board
Althoughsmallerthe size of thecoupling capacitors,wellI supposegood.+5 Vexternalsupply boardwas fixedwith double-sided tapethickbetweencoupling capacitors(you do notgettheWIMA2.2μF MKP4).I'll bereallyremodel!Atmospherehas gone out.

TA2024 Finished Board
I'm adirtybacksidebecause there is nospaceto place.

TA2024 Finished Board
Completed.Trebleis nowalso disappearedextendneatfeelingclogged,I got tocome outevenbass.AltIhearto feela littlesubduedcompared withShigetsu2.2μFcoupling capacitors.