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2017-09-10 10:02  
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Designed for monitors and high performance TVs, the TDA8177 vertical deflection booster delivers flyback voltages up to 70V.


The TDA8177 operates with supplies up to 35V and provides up to 3APP output current to drive the yoke. The TDA8177 is offered in HEPTAWATT package.

TDA8177 Pin Connections

TDA8177 Pin Connections



TDA8177 Application Circuits AC Coupling TDA8177 Application Circuits  AC Coupling TDA8177 Application CircuitsDC CouplingTDA8177 Application Circuits DC Coupling 

TDA8177 Features


(1) Power Amplifier(2) FLYBACK Generator(3)Thermal Protection(4)Output Current up to 3.0APP(5) FLYBACK Voltage up to 70V (on Pin 5)(6)Suitable for DC Coupling Application