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TEA2025B Application Circuit Diagrams

2017-12-23 12:06  
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TEA2025B integrated circuit has a tone sweet sounds and  excellent performance ,and it works reliably.Others,it has fewer external components.SO,tea2025b integrated circuit is the favorite choice of the majority of audiophiles.

It can work properly with the power supply voltage from 2.2v to  16.8v. It adapt the power supply voltage range is also very wide, and has a quiescent current.when the power supply voltage increases, the output power will increase,at this time we should note to do it well of ic cooling measures.

When the power supply voltage is 12v,it can put out 2w*2 of the effective power.So,it can fully be able to satisfy a variety of applications!

This board can also work with two batteries,and each road can put out 0.1w power without distortion.