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Temple three state logic ic CD4001

2018-01-24 13:43  
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The work of the circuit be the circuit will use not gate IC in show supervision. In case of still have no input signal come in be liberate input pin of IC1/1 float keep. Which make have impedance very many, which have no LED anything shine come out.

In first condition, If input that come in be “0″ IC1/1 will get back to the position gives output be “1″ make , LED1 switch off . But LED2 the bright condition that pin 5 of IC1/2 be “1″ make pin 7 of IC1/2 be “0″ all the time cause IC1/3 and IC1/4 work give pin 11 of IC1/4 be “0″ make LED3 the bright.
If gush up that come in be “1″ IC1/1 as a result will get back to the position gives output go out be “0″ make LED1 bright the part LED2 switch off IC1/2 receive input be “0″ cause IC1/2 IC1/3 work be frequency signal generator circuit give IC1/4 for current driver give LED3 make LED3 flasher. But if input be pulse signal come in which have signal entireness low and high alternate make LED1 and LED2 stick alternate go to follow the speed of pulse that come in and LED3 condemn bright all the time.

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