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The Amazing Discovery of the World?s Smallest Semiconductor

2017-11-30 13:35  
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Semiconductor, a material that has the electrical resistivity between of a conductor and an insulator, is frequently being used in many household appliances. It’s also an external electrical field changes a semiconductor’s resistivity. Normally, a semiconductor device includes the transistor, solar cells, LED diodes; the silicon controlled rectifier or digital or analog integrated circuits!

Worlds Smallest Semiconductor Laser

Many people say that it’s impossible of generating visible light in a space smaller than a single protein molecule! Well, don’t be so sure about it, as a group of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have discovered a new breakthrough in laser physics!

Believe it or not, the team declared that they’ve found the effective ways to create the world’s smallest semiconductor laser! According to the claim, they’re not only successfully squeezed light into a tight space, but also have discovered an incredible way to keep the light energy from dissipating as it moved along!

This discovery enables the development, such as nanolasers become a reality. By using this technique, it can probe, manipulate and even characterized DNA molecules in laser speed. Furthermore, the optics-based telecommunications are becoming many times faster than the recently technology, while the optical computing would be corresponding in leap and boundaries speed! [sciencedaily]

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