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The Cool Third Eye ??? Computer Vision Platform

2017-12-23 18:18  
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Are you feeling alone when you sit in front of the computer? You want to have a companion? Then, this third eye – computer vision platform will accompany you and stay by your side.

However, you need to keep these materials standby:

    BreadboardMiscellaneous resistors and wireTwo 3.3V RegulatorsTwo Pic-Axe 08MMotor Driver ChipsUSB Wireless CameraRecharagable batteries from old laptopUSB Wireless CameraXBee Module PairTamiya Tracked Vehicle Chassis KitTamiya Dual Motor

    The project is starting with using the wireless serial link of XBee module (You mounted it to the USB wirelss camera that you’ve bought). Then, you wired it up to a pair of Toshiba TA8050 motor controllers, and you will drive it with Picaxe 08M microprocessor.

    “We also need to build a new platform that based on a Tamiya dual motor, which seen is the solution for the jerky toy platform. After it, put all of the components together on a larger platform to mount the camera, breadboard and batteries.”

    Note: Remember to apply a 9V battery into the regulators to enable XBee keep transmitting. [read on]

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