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The Development of Personal Robot 2

2017-11-24 20:29  
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Try to imagine, what’s the feeling, if you have a robot inside your home, which is able to perform multiple tasks in daily life? It sounds like a very cool robot to you, isn’t it?

Whether you’re notice it or not, many household in the United States and Japan have been using robot to help them doing some simple task, such as the Roomba vacuum that normally being used to clean up the dirt inside the house. Honestly, the Roomba vacuum is considered as one of the best iRobot vacuum in many households in U.S.!


As you see, this Personal Robot 2, which is also known as, “PR2” is an intelligent two-armed mobile robot that well-designed for mobile manipulation research and applications. PR2 has the size of a human and have the ability to perform tasks in everyday environments.

Technically, the system integrates power, sensors computation, mobility, and agile arms into one system that works perfectly fined with the ROS software platform.

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Furthermore, the platform can be used to alleviate the difficult and costly process of building a robot from concept to finished product.

In overall, the PR2 was a finest design from the ground up to be robust and extensible robot!

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