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The Easy Guide For Writing Yourself an IC Friday Post

2018-01-18 15:36  
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If you love to challenge yourself to try some different and exciting project, then you must try to make an IC Friday Post here.

First of all, since you have to work with the hazardous "Sulfuric Acid", which and organic solvent that can penetrate through your clothes and even human tissues, therefore you need to wear a full mask with gloves and aprin for this project!

Next, you need to place the chips into a Pyrex beaker and fill it up with sulfuric acid, until the ICs are totally covered by it. You must pay 100% attention, which cannot even allows any water droplets dropping into the beaker (Do take it seriously, as adding any water to acid will result an horrible explosion!).

The plastic carrier already melts off and will leave a black solution, only after twenty minutes of dipping. The silicon dies and remnants of metal pins are remains in the black liquid. You have to remove it carefully, as the liquid is still highly acidic.

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