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The Elegant and Futuristic Aero Garden

2017-11-28 16:57  
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Green plants are always good for our health, as it provides fresh oxygen and purifying the air! That is why, many people love to plant green plants, vegetables or fruits at their garden.

Thanks to the advent technology, now it’s possible to plant the herbs or vegetables in your own kitchen. The gadgets is called, “Aero Garden”.

Different from the hydroponics, the Aero Garden is using the ‘Aeroponics’ concept, which is growing plants in air. It doesn’t need any soil and apparently this makes plants grow faster than hydroponics did!

Aero Garden

Honestly, it’s very costly, when you’re spending over US$200 buying a ready-to-use Aero Garden gadgets! If you cannot afford the pricey Aero Garden, it’s better to build your very own Aero Garden.

Those components that needed for building the Aero Garden are:

Base container for the water (Plastics type would be better, so you can put holes in it),

A water pump,

Tubing and spray nozzles,

Plant holder,

A light fixture and a light, which plants will grow under it.

Combine all the components together and you will have the elegant yet futuristic Aero Garden! [kellbot]

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