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The First School of Small Robotic Fish is ready to swim in T

2017-11-20 01:12  
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The robotic technology has been pushed up to another higher level, when a group of MIT scientists made a school of small, robotic fish using handful of parts and a blend of polymers!

It’s one of the most exciting invention for the MIT scientists, as the fish moving and swimming through water like trout and tuna.

Kamal Youcef-Toumi and Pablo Vildivia Y Alvarado, both the developers of the robofish described that the new robofish are fully-equipped with sensors, as it uses to monitor the fish’s movement.


Another interesting part of the research is they’re the first group to tailor different polymers in different parts of the body with different dampening and stiffness properties. Furthermore, the research group also trying to use the natural motion and behavior of the fish, so that they can replicate the fish’s motions!

Believe it or not, the first “Robotuna” version that was created at MIT in 1994 had more than 2,000 parts, including six motors, which is encased in its four-foot body. However, after a several times of renovation and modification, the new Robotuna models have less than 10 parts, including with one motor and the size are between five to eight inches long!

It’s a very encouraging breakthrough in the Robofish’s industry, the developers said they still have many experiments to go, before they can create a really tiny robofish, such as the anchovy or gold fish in the near future! [dsc]

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