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The Five Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm!

2017-11-21 01:29  
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You’re in love with those challenging projects, especially robotic developing projects that require high-end technology? Ok, how about spare some of your precious times and get yourself involved in the five degrees of freedom robotic arm project?

Since all of the software and hardware that being used in this project is in open source, thus you can easily download all the programming code from the internet.


Well, it might seem a little bit simple from its appearance, but this five degrees of freedom robotic arm is really out of your imagination! For example, it can handle laser cutting and bolt counting without any hassle at all.

However, there’s an obstacle in developing this robotic arm. For those people who never involving themselves in the robotic field, you’ll find this project is a little bit too over for you to handle with! In this case, you might have to spent endless hours, where to control the twisting knobs to move pop cans from one point on the desk.

In overall, this five degrees of freedom robotic arm is still an amazingly fun robotic toy. Furthermore, it’s also a good starting point for those that want to pursue some new skill in the robotic development field!

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