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The Flying Ping Pong Ball with Satellite PongSat!

2017-11-29 22:50  
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What are you thinking of when you were given a ping pong ball? Just play the ball with the ping pong pad? Nah, it’s too easy. You need to be far more creative here…

The talented little girls, Sophie Paul and Martha Ball have made some terrific modification on the ordinary ping pong ball. They both have successfully transformed it into the incredible “PongSat” project at the 2007 Stonybrook Elementary Science Fair in Hopewell Township, New Jersey.


The main idea for this PongSat project is to fit those experiments into the ping pong ball. According to the two little misses, the concept for this project is simple. Those ping pong ball a€?satellites’ are flown to the air, by simply attached the balloon as the flying aim on the ping pong ball.

Beside that, you can carry out numerous types of experiments with this PongSat. You may put some seeds into the ping pong ball and to test out its growth rate under the effect of cosmic rays; or you can even test out how high a ball can bounce before and after being exposed to the vacuum.

Since this PongSat is an easy to assemble and inexpensive project, you can simply develop one for yourself in no time! [source]

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