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The Green Concept Pourable Batteries

2017-11-21 20:38  
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Nowadays, there are more and more researches of developing smaller, more powerful and more solid batteries. Recently, a group of scientists at MIT is undergoing a research to develop large, eco-friendly stationary batteries, which is made entirely from liquid metal. This type of battery claims can store large amounts of power from wind farms, solar cells, or serve as backup power sources for hospitals and militaries!

Some of the special characteristics of this pourable battery are:

It has no solid materials inside it;It has no solid electrodes;It has no solid membranes;

The conclusion about this pourable battery is it contains nothing solid at all, except it outer case! Then, how can it operate? Well, for your information, the entire anode, cathode and the membrane are in hot and molten liquids form.


Those three different combinations of liquid materials that being used here are molten antimony, magnesium and sodium sulfide within the two chemical substances. There is a problem about this pourable battery, where the three layers don’t mix with each other, as each of the material has a different weight. They separate into three layers and if someone is disturbing the battery, they will naturally separate again!

However, the fully liquid metal pourable batteries are still undergoing some experiments. It might only available in upcoming years, probably…

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