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The Highly Sensitive Artificial Nose

2017-11-25 08:23  
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Nowadays, the technology is advancing in leaps and boundaries. Most of the chemical analysts are further their research to sense the smallest molecules.

In order to create some new breakthrough with the Nano technology, the Nano researchers have decided to develop “Minute strings”.

The smart physicists from LMU Munich have constructed a system of nanostrings made of non-conducting material. Thousands of these strings can be mounted on a small chip. One of the incredible devices that could be built with this system is the “Artificial nose”, which has the ability to detect various molecules!


The Artificial noses use the nano-electromechanical systems or NEMS, which is involved strings with diameters of the order of 100 nanometers (It’s about one-five hundredth of a human hair). If these strings are coated with the right chemicals, the molecules will dock onto them perfectly.

Quirin Unterreitthmeier, the leader of the research group said that you could have several thousand strings located on a chip the size of a fingernail. Each one of the strings is specially designed and can recognize a single molecule instantly. As a result, a highly sensitive ‘Artificial nose’ can be created without any hassle. [sciencedaily]

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