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The Kicad Introduction Guide!

2017-11-29 14:55  
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Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can easily find many useful and free of charge open source software, by simply browsing over the internet.

Today, you should be happy, as you’re having the chance to know more about this incredible Kicad software, where it’s an open source (GPL) software and it’s main purpose is for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork.

Well, you must be wondered what the specialty of this Kicad software. For your information, Kicad is designed and written by Jean-Pierre Charras, a well-known researcher at Laboratoire des Images et des Signaux and he’s a teacher in IUT de Saint Martin d’Heres, France in the electrical engineering and image processing fields!

Technically, Kicad is a set of five softwares, which as:

    Eeschema(The schematic entry)PCBnew(The Board editor)Gerbview(GERBER viewer or photoplotter)CvPCB(Footprint selector for components, which been used in the circuit design)Kicad(The project manager)

    When using Kicad, you will be able to choose or create a project and launch Eeschema, PCBnew, Gerbview or CvPCB according to your needs. Since this open source electronic workbench is free of changes, it’s a very useful tool for everyone that involving themselves in electronic design. [read]

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