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The Lynxmotion BRAT ? Fun Kicking Robot to be played with!

2017-11-22 05:17  
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Our life is surrounding with assorted types of robots. Believe it or not, in the next 20 years, robots are going to replace the human beings in many sectors, such as manufacturing, electronics, defense and so on. In those days, robot is becoming one of the common devices in human life!

For the football fans, you are going to love this Lynxmotion BRAT. For your information, this robot is an entry-level bipedal robot. With less than $300, you’re able to own this Lynxmotion BRAT and have some real fun with it!

Actually, the BRAT is an acronym for “Bipedal Robotic Articulating Transport”, which is the latest creation from the Lynxmotion Robotics lab. It’s a powerful yet great addition to the entry-level humanoid robot class.

The Lynxmotion BRAT

By using the Lynxmotion’s sequencing software, you’re able to program the coordinated movement of up to 32 servos. Furthermore, the Lynxmotion BRAT is an amazing testament to the flexibility of the “servo erector set” product line, which is developed by Lynxmotion Robotic lab.

In this project, you’re advised to use the free terminal program available for the SSC-32. Then, try to get a bot board with processor for untethered operation. Do remember that the bot board can also be used to piggyback onto the SSC-32 servo controller.

Please don’t skip this Lynxmotion BRAT, as it can really bring endless of fun moment to your family or friends! Go and build one immediately…

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