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The Networked Graffiti Wall is Awesome!

2017-11-22 10:47  
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Do you have a crush on the magnificent Graffiti Wall and wish to build it for your own use? Well, the only problem is you didn’t familiar with the Graffiti Wall and you may think it’s a hard to develop project.

Honestly, the giant LED graffiti wall project won’t take too much of time and money. Once you have built it, you can use it to watch a live feed of user animations.

If you refer to the above figure, you can clearly see that the TCP/IP graffiti wall is actually a very easy to develop project, where you need here are PC, Database, client and the graffiti wall itself!

Since the graffiti are well designed online with the JavaScript animation designer, all the finished sequences are validated and to be stored in a database. You will have to make database backends for php/mysql and google apps (python). For your further information, all the sequences are syndicated from a simple datafeed api. As a result, the mini web server will be retrieved animation sequences from the feed and caches them on an SD card.

WPvideo 1.10Download!

Lastly, the sequences will be rearranged and displayed on a giant LED matrix! [link]

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