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The Outstanding and Remarkable Drew

2017-11-21 16:07  
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Walking robot is always an interesting project, especially for those who love to spend a lot of time making research on how to improve the movement of the robots!

Well, today you’ve the opportunity to build a stunning yet outrageous walking machine. They’re naming it as “Drew’s Robot”.

For your information, most of the walking machine is radically symmetrical. They’re normally having two or four legs with two degrees of freedom each. The amazing part about the Drew’s Robot is it controlled through a wireless link from a hand-held controller, which is based on two Wii Nunchucks.

Drew's Robot

The Drew’s Robot is a great amusement or entertainment. By showing it in front of your family or friends, it will instantly catch their attention for sure! By the way, you can practice your robot building skill by developing this Drew’s Robot.

You can control the Drew’s Robot by using the joysticks on the two Wii Nunchucks. Did you know that the robot has no on-board processing? In this case, you’re require to handle the error-checking or decoding the serial data stream from the hand controller!

To be honest, the power indicator in front the body part is the coolest part of the Drew’s Robot. It made from a 5/8 inch uranium-glass marble held in a copper wire cage, which is surrounded by six high-power ultraviolet LEDs.

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