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The Shape Pin Functions Illustrations of KA431 and TL431

2017-09-11 03:42  
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TL431 is a precision voltage reference integrated circuits, some of the information referred to as voltage regulator, sampling or three-terminal integrated circuit. TL431 two packages: one for the TO-92 package, exactly the same appearance and small power plastic transistor; another 8-pin plastic dual in-line structure. TL431 three pin-out, respectively, with K, R, A represents a, wherein K is a control terminal R for the sampling end, A is a ground terminal, with some circuit diagram 1,2,3, respectively, represent the R, A, K. The TL431 damage, such as the replacement of the same model, can be used the KA431, μA431, LM431, YL431, S431, TA76431S, μPC10931J such as direct substitution.

The TL431 quality is good or bad, can be used multimeter R × 1kΩ file, refer to the picture to detect, "-" represents black pen, "+" sign on behalf of the red pen.

Since the TL431 control of high precision temperature coefficient is small, it is widely used in VCD, DVD, computer monitors, color TV and satellite receiver switching power supply circuit.

The Shape Pin Functions Illustrations of KA431 and TL431