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The Sophisticated DIY Home Automation System

2017-11-25 02:52  
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Are you tired of turning on and off the switches in your house? Would you want to create a high tech home automation system that interfaces a PC and microcontroller? Today’s the right time for you to DIY a home automation system!

With this smart home automation system, you can easily control the home thermostat; turn on a sprinkler from anywhere you want, and it can react with the motion detector floodlight automatically etc., this home automation is definitely a very simple tool, where you can compiled plenty of resources for you to create a fully automatic home!

The best thing about this home automation system is it will help you to practice the energy conservation. This means more money can be saved and less carbon dioxide to be emitted into the Earth!

For this DIY project, you must apply a 386DX with 4MB RAM 40MB HD. Beside that, you’ll need gcc to compile the program and you’re going to need the telnetd or sshd if necessary!

There are more benefits of using the home automation system. If you haven’t try it yet, then you should take the opportunity and test it out!

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