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The Tiny Pocket Drunken Robot

2017-12-01 00:55  
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When you’re watching the robots walking and moving in the robot exhibition, what’s your reaction on it? Isn’t you feels like it’s simply amazing and you’re wished to build one as well?

Your wish is granted, as we’ll develop the Pocket Drunken Robot today! Ok, for the very first sight, it looks like a little bit malfunctions, but it’s only your thoughts on it!

Pocket Drunken Robot

For your information, the Pocket Drunken Robot has three parts and it’s very easy to develop. All you need to do is by bending some metal. Honestly, he loves to wander around in circles and falls over most of the time.

Do remember that you don’t have to do an intervention for the alcohol abuse for this little buddy.

Why the Pocket Drunken Robot is so unique and different from other robots? Go figure, have you ever seen a cute robot than moving in drunk situation? Yep, it’s the specialty of this Pocket Drunken Robot!

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Believe it or not, by spending about 20 to 30 minutes of time, you’re able to work and finish the Pocket Drunken Robot easily!

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