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The Unbelievable Magnetic Rotary Encoder v1.0

2018-01-16 06:38  
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Would you want to own a sensor, which can measure the rotation of the motor or even control it so that it goes to the position you want it to be? Well, is time for develop your own magnetic rotary encoder, where you can use it to measure the speed of motor and let it rotate in the speed you want, regardless of the load on the motor! Cool, isn't it?

Those components you might need are:

    A magnetic rotary encorder v1.0 PCBA 100nF ceramic capacitor 1206Four 1uF electrolytic capacitor D55A 10nF ceramic capacitor 1206A AS5040 IC1Six Green LED 1206Six 560 ohm resistor 1206Three 4.7k ohm resistor 1206A 10 pin IDC headerA 10 pin IDC connectorThirty-six 10 pin ribbon cableA AS5040 magnet

    For the soldering part, just followed the below instructions:

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