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The World?s Smallest Force Sensitive Resistors are Ready For

2017-11-21 22:50  
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Guys, I heard some of you were thinking here, “What’s the heck of this Force Sensitive Resistor?” Ok, since you’ve asked the question, then it’s time to reveal the mystery of this Force Sensitive Resistor!


Did you know that by simply using a Force Sensitive Resistor, it allows you to detect physical pressure, squeezing and weight without any further modification? Basically, force sensitive resistor is a resistor and it can change its resistive value (ohms) depending on how much its being pressed!

However, it also has its downside as well, which they have a very large vary range from sensor to sensor and it can be up to 10%! To be honest, when you’re using force sensitive resistor, you must expect to get ranges of response.

Despite of the above disadvantage, force sensitive resistor is still the ideal choice, especially for most touch-sensitive applications that required the user to push or squeeze hardly! After all, you won’t need to spend over hundreds or thousands of dollars for purchasing a high quality force sensitive resistor!

Trust me, try it on and you might probably love it…[source]

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