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The World?s Smallest Plasma Torch is ready for Your Service!

2017-11-23 13:46  
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What will you think about, when someone mention about the Plasma torch? For your information, the plasma torch is having no relationship with the ordinary light torch, as we cannot use it to shed the light in the dark! Instead, a plasma torch is a high tech device, which generates a directed flow of plasma from its nozzle.

Chunqi Jiang, a talented professor at University of Southern California, have been developed the world’s smallest plasma torch for dentistry niche. According to Jiang, his main goal is to guarantee the customers won’t have to see the dentist for a follow-up visit!

Plasma torch

Jiang described that Plasma, which is also known as “Ionized Gas”, is one of the four basic states of matter (The other three are solid, liquid and gas). Did you know that plasma is the most common state of matter, not only on the Earth, but also in the Solar system, stars and the universe as well?

All stars create plasma, by super-heating atoms. On the Earth, human being are mostly use super-heated plasma to rip trash apart at an extremely high temperatures!

Now, thanks to Jiang invention, the plasma torch can be used to kill bacteria on teeth or wounds. Honestly, it’s a new breakthrough for plasma technology! [discovery]

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