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The "Fidelodyne" - My Radio

2017-09-08 21:05  
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Dave's 27th crystal set

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I didn't know that I was building this one until today. My boss man came back this morning with this neat cigar box and an idea on how my next set might look. He thought that the cigar box should look like a cigar box on the outside and a radio could be built inside. This box was big enough for a superhet but I like to build crystal sets the best, so here it is.

This radio uses my favorite circuit as described in my #12 set. I did decide to use one of my Faradon .001 uf capacitors here. The holes were made for a wire to stick through, so I drilled them big enough to put a #8 screw through. I changed the width between the earphone and antenna connections from 3/4 inch to 1-3/16 inch. The capacitor fit over the screws perfectly.

I didn't want to hide the pretty picture where the coil was to go, so I screwed the coil connection to a small angle bracket and screwed that to the edge of the lid. As you can see, I had to "adjust" the box a little so that the coil would fold down. After I finished drilling the holes, I noticed that the picture wasn't quite in the center. I made it look the best I could.

I was trying to think of a cute name for this set and since these were "Havana Cigars", I am calling this my "Fidelodyne"! No political comments will be made. Make up your own.

As usual this set picked up stations as soon as the connections were made. I used a crystal earphone but a magnetic high impedance headphones will work fine too. Can't say much more about my Fidelodyne except that this set really smokes!

Best wishes and good DX. Dave - N2DS

Dave's Homemade Cigar Box Radio, Outside View Dave's Homemade Cigar Box Radio, Inside
Dave's Homemade Cigar Box Radio, Inside View Dave's Homemade Cigar Box Radio, Schematic

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